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Secret Sound® SS30 Speakers

System unikalnych głośników parabolicznychopatentowanych pod  nazwą Dual-Parabolic™. Secret Sound® is a museum-quality parabolic speaker which projects a focused beam of sound onto any exhibit without distracting audio spillover. It was designed by museum professionals to be easily installed, ceiling mounted at any height, and maintenance free, and has been in use by major institutions around the world since 1986(SA202-RDT) for use with any FP module. Ships as individual unit, bulk shipping available.

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SoundTube Fucus Point 30"

System unikalnych głośników parabolicznych opatentowanych pod  nazwą Dual-Parabolic™. Dispersion control technology provides a targeted audio footprint with true stereo separation. Twin 1.0 in concave aluminum high-excursion drivers in individually sealed compartments for stereo or mono music and messaging. Patented ZeroReflection™ enclosure technology for accurate sound reproduction. Narrow 45º coverage angle for sharp focus. 30.75 in custom-molded PETG clear polymer dome for minimal visual impact. User-selectable 350 Hz high-pass filter. Single-point balanced mounting for easy and clean-looking installs. Ships with clear dome, custom colors available. Included accessories: hanging bracket, mounting bushing and a 15-foot hanging cable which includes four 16-gauge inputs and a CAT V cable.

Solid Drive - dźwięk z każdej powierzchni...

The patented technology at the heart of SolidDrive transforms nearly any rigid or semi-rigid surface (such as drywall, glass, wood, metal, or fiberglass) into a sound source. The powerful SolidDrive directly transfers acoustic energy to thesurface, creating a large and dynamic sound field. With no visible wires or grilles, SolidDrive gives you Invisible Sound Solutions™